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10 Surprisingly Unreliable Cars

Mar 5 ,2021 | Buying Guide | Abhinav Gupta

Owning a classic car is not for the fain hearted. They will fail to start and they will break down. If you are not a mechanic that can fix these issues, owning and driving a classic can be a stressful (and expensive experience)

That is why alot of people start off with a not so old (<20 years) car with a reputation for reliability. But it is worth doing your research as these 10 cars sound rel…

Most expensive car of the month – April 2020

Mar 5 ,2021 | Classic car prices | Em Co

One of our absolute favorites, the Lamborghini Miura, was the most expensive car offered on the market this month. For only 3.3M USD you can be the proud owner of this immaculate example.

Only 275 of these beautiful machines were built between 1966 and 1969 – check out the Lamborghini Miura fact sheet for more details

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